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Norman&Page is a full-service Tampa real estate concierge and luxury real estate brokerage. Whether you’re moving to or from Tampa, Norman&Page is your trustworthy real estate advocates and honest advisors dedicated to helping you get (comfortably) where you’re going.

Tampa Luxury Alliance

The Tampa Luxury Alliance (TLA) is the first and only industry exclusive, by application only, luxury business networking group in Tampa, Florida. Grow your business, make more money, and connect with and influence people who have the same high standards, values, and dedication as you and your team.

The Modern Professionals Association (MPA) is a business networking group in Tampa for service-oriented entrepreneurs and leaders who use modern and advancing practices in their business and are dedicated to making a difference in other people’s lives.

Art of Candor

Art of Candor is a lifestyle and personal development blog for passionate people, entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to grow the life and business that you (really) want by being completely real and candid with yourself and others.


I’m an entrepreneur and Tampa real estate agent.


Everything I do revolves around growth and connecting with the next big milestone in life.

I’ve been in business since I was 11 years old when I started and subsequently sold a web hosting and internet technology business. I’ve consulted in the areas of marketing, brand strategy, and creative direction for startups, professional service firms, and agencies in just about every industry and all of their verticals.

Now, my primary focus is on guiding people to the next milestone in their life through the real estate concierge and Tampa luxury real estate brokerage that I co-own, Norman&Page.

I’m also the writer of the Art of Candor blog, and founder of two business networking and connection groups: the Tampa Luxury Alliance and the Modern Professionals Alliance.

Formally, I’ve studied real estate, psychology, human resources, healthcare, and business.

But here’s the driving force of everything that I do: perpetual growth, honesty, and real, deep connection. They’re my core values, and I inject them into everything that I do for myself and others.

You can call me Tim or Timothy, but not Timmy. And my surname is pronounced like fry – not free.

For a formal biography, see the Media & Speaking section below.


Timothy’s unique combination of business and real estate acumen combined with his passion for personal growth and entrepreneurship poise him as a reputable source for reporters and writers and an engaging speaker for event organizers.

In the past, Tim has been used as a source for nationally syndicated stories about leadership, entrepreneurship, market responses to world events, and Gen-Y generational dynamics.

Specifically related to real estate, he has commented on rising trends of home buyers throughout the country, common pitfalls of first-time home buyers, and the distinctions of the luxury real estate market.

Similarly, Tim’s areas of interest for speaking engagements and expertise include the:

  • Intersection of personal growth and entrepreneurship
  • Transparent and growth-oriented leadership
  • Generational differences of Gen-Y in the marketplace
  • Luxury real estate marketing and property branding

For a complete formal biography, headshots, and other points of interest, download the media kit.


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